Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Reading From Home- Competitions and Resources


Gold Reading Olympian:  
100 Reading Points   

Silver Reading Olympian:
75 Reading Points

Bronze Reading Olympian:
50 Reading Points


If you are interested in becoming a ‘Reading Olympian’ then join our greatest reading challenge yet! Read one book a week. (If you do not have access to books at home, please see the bottom of this page for FREE access to online books)

Every week, we will upload a ‘Microsoft Forms’ onto this webpage. This form will ask you to enter the details of a book you have read in that week, as well as a summary of your thoughts on it. Each quiz completed is worth 10 reading points.

You can find this week’s quiz on the following link: 

However, joining the competition is not the only way that you can become a Reading Olympian. Other ways to earn reading points include:

·       Reading aloud in lessons

·       Being active and engaged during your R.E.A.D lessons

·       Sharing book thoughts/recommendations on books with your teachers 

Reading from Home

The National Literacy Trust has just launched their virtual library. Every week, they will release a new book online which you can read from home for free.

To access this link, please go to the following webpage: 


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